Caregivers: Your THINGS deserve priorities too.

I’m a pile maker. This article describes the things I’m doing to conquer my piles and declutter my home. I give tips on what kinds of things helped me get organized. I admit it. I’m a pile maker. Piles in the closet, piles in shelves, piles in cupboards, piles in the corner. I’m always digging […]

5 Reasons to Shop Local

Why do why environmentalists advocate that people “eat locally?” This article lists 5 reasons why it is good to eat locally grown foods. “Shop Local” These words are among the many pieces of graffiti at a nearby playground. When I saw it, I started asking myself why environmentalists advocate that people eat locally? 1. Quality […]

Using Feng Shui to maintain or achieve a healthy weight

Obesity is a major global health issue, resulting in numerous diseases, specifically increased risk of certain types of cancer, heart and liver diseases, type 2 diabetes and stroke. As societies around the world have had increased overweight populations they have experienced significant economic costs of increased health care and a loss of productivity in their work […]