5 Reasons to Shop Local

Why do why environmentalists advocate that people “eat locally?” This article lists 5 reasons why it is good to eat locally grown foods.

“Shop Local” These words are among the many pieces of graffiti at a nearby playground. When I saw it, I started asking myself why environmentalists advocate that people eat locally?

1. Quality

Local food producers do not have to focus on shelf-life, but can grow the freshest and finest tasting foods without worrying about survival during shipping. Since we recently began receiving weekly deliveries of our fruits and vegetables from a local organic company, I have discovered that carrots have an amazing flavor of their own. Regular store bought fresh carrots are so bland, you just about have to have ranch dip or something with them. I actually like raw carrots now!

2. Better for the environment

Local food doesn’t have to be shipped as far which saves on the use of fossil fuel as well as the pollution put out by burning said fuel.

3. Supporting the local economy

When a business is not locally owned, each time you do business with them, your dollar leaves your community. Locally owned businesses provide sustaining support to the community by providing a place for neighbors to connect, and by giving back to local causes.

4. Local Decisions

Decisions are made by business owners who experience life locally. They are not part of a national or international product campaign about the best selling foods. They produce diverse foods that reflect local culture and respond more readily to customer feedback.

5. Seasonal Diversity

Because food isn’t shipped from Timbuktu, it can be ripened longer on the vine with out getting all banged up and bruised during handling. We can eat food when it is tasting its very best, plentiful and least expensive.

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