Lucky Honu Wellness

Lucky Honu Wellness (est. 2008) encourages you to bring positivity and balance to your life through dual modalities.

  • The Lucky Honu Oracle is an authentic automated I Ching divination tool based on the 64 ancient principles in the Book of Changes. Use this tool to mindfully connect to your higher self.
  • Lifecoaching articles and resources to encourage you to reach your full potential. When we hit adulthood, we aren’t given a map for our life journey or a set of instructions. We have to sort things out for ourselves. In addition to the blog, Luckyhonu Wellness has developed some tools to help: Food, Tasks, Planning, Money and Relationships.

Disclaimer: Always discuss with your health care provider for recommendations regarding your personal situation. Also, I am an Affiliate Marketer, meaning when I link items and you buy that product, I receive a commission. This goes toward maintaining this website. Thanks for your support!